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We are teaming up with Farmer Rick to offer our CSA Members Pasture Raised Poultry! Below is information from Farmer Rick, all about his practices. Click here to add poultry to your share!

“Abundant Fields Farm offers pasture raised poultry! Signing up for a Poultry CSA is a great way to save a bit of money and enjoy fresh, delicious chicken from late spring through early fall.

We raise the Red Ranger and the Freedom Ranger birds which are both a heritage breed that do very well on pasture. They start out in a temperature controlled brooder for the first few weeks, and then they go out on pasture that is pesticide and herbicide free.  There they can run around, scratch, forage on bugs and fresh greens and behave as they should and live the life of a chicken! However, they need more than just greens and bugs to be healthy and grow well, so we supplement their diet with a blend of non-GMO grains from Union Mills Feed Store. This ensures they are getting the proper nutrients and diet they need to thrive. They are never given any hormones, antibiotics or unnatural growth enhancers.
The birds are processed at an ODA inspected facility located a couple miles away from the farm( Gresham, OR). The first birds are scheduled to be available around the middle of May, and the season will run to mid-November, weather permitting. We process once per month, If you purchase a poultry share as an Add-On to a Tanager Farm CSA it will be available for you at your CSA pick up location once per month, (at no extra charge).

Birds will weigh between 3.5 and 4 pounds. They will be frozen. You can choose from 3 share size options. Check out all those details on this page!

For even more information and options, check out Abundant Fields website;